Card Limits

The cardLimits object represents purchase and withdrawal limits for a given card

cardLimits Object

PropertyData Type (length)Description
bankCeilingobjectObject containing bank-level purchase and withdrawal limits. Properties:
cardIdintegerThe Helix-assigned unique ID for the card
customerIdintegerThe Helix-assigned unique ID for the customer who owns the card
effectiveDailyLimitsobjectObject containing the current card limits. Properties:
limitGroupOverrideobjectObject containing any purchase or ATM withdrawal limit overrides applied via /card/limit/override. Properties:
-classification (string): Type of override. Will be highrisk or lowrisk
-purchaseLimit (decimal): The card's purchase limit
-withdrawalLimit (decimal): The card's ATM withdrawal limit
programDefaultobjectObject containing default program-level purchase and withdrawal limits. Properties:
-limitGroupId: The default Helix-defined limit group assigned to the program
-purchaseLimit: The program's default purchase limit
-withdrawalLimit: The program's default ATM withdrawal limit
temporaryOverrideobjectObject containing any temporary purchase or ATM withdrawal limits applied via /card/limit/temporaryOverride. Properties:
-purchaseLimit: Temporary purchase limit
-withdrawalLimit: Temporary ATM withdrawal limit
-expirationDate: Datetime the temporary override(s) expire. This will be the the next 1:00 am (in bank timezone) after the temporary override was applied.