Bank Document

A bankDocument is a document issued by a bank that a customer must indicate they have read and accepted during the customer creation process or the account creation process.

During the customer/account creation process it is required that certain documents are displayed to the customers. Additionally, we require acknowledgement of the viewing and the acceptance of these documents before the account can be opened.

The actual documents required varies depending on the bank assigned to your program but some examples include:

  • e-Sign Agreement
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policies
  • Truth-in-Savings Account Disclosure
  • Deposit Account Agreement



You MUST display the e-Sign disclosure in text format (for example in a scrollable text box) where the user can visibly read the disclosure in text form. Provide an "Accept" button to accept the e-Sign disclosure. Once the user has accepted the e-Sign disclosure, you may then display in list form, the remaining bank account disclosures in PDF format. Provide an "Accept" button to accept the bank account disclosures.

The HTML version of the document is returned inline. If available, a PDF version of each document is stored at the returned url for retrieval.

bankDocument Object

PropertyData Type (length)Description
bankIdintegerHelix-assigned unique ID for the corresponding bank this document applies to
cultureenumValues vary by program . Examples:
- en-US: English
- es-US: Spanish
customerIddeprecatedUse programId instead
documentIdintegerHelix-assigned unique ID for this document
documentTypeenumValues include:
- TermsAndConditions
- PrivacyPolicy
- TruthInSavings
- eStatement
- ConsumerDepositAgreement
- FeeSchedule
- ReferAFriend
- EftInfo
- ProductInfo
- CardInfo
- FeeDisclosure
downloadUrlstringAbsolute url to the pdf version of the document
effectiveDatedatetimeDate the document became effective
expireDatedatetimeDate the document will expire
htmlstring (2 MB)Document HTML content
programIdintegerHelix-assigned unique ID for your program
titlestring (100)Title to display to the customer as the link text to the downloadUrl