A product is used to configure account functionality. Please contact [email protected] to modify the current product offerings for your program.

product Object

PropertyData Type (length)Description
balanceLimitobjectThe dollar limit on individual account balances for this product type
categoryenumThe category of the product Possible values:
- Prepaid
- Savings
- Checking
- Time Deposit
- Ecode
descriptionstringThe description of the product
interestRatesarrayThe interest rates of the product
isExternalWithdrawEnabledbooleanIndicates if external withdrawals (such as an ACH originated by another financial institution) are enabled for the product
isInterestEnabledbooleanIndicidates if interest is enabled for the product
isRecurringContributionEnabledbooleanIndicidates if recurring contrbutions are enabled for the product
namestringThe name of the product
perMonthRegDTransactionCountMaximumintegerMaximum number of withdrawals that can be made each month according to Regulation D. Applies only to savings accounts.
perMonthRegDTransactionCountWithoutFeeintegerMaximum number of fee-free withdrawals that can be made each month. applies only to savings accounts.
perTransactionDepositLimitobjectThe deposit limit of an individual transaction for the product
perTransactionWithdrawLimitobjectThe withdrawal limit of an individual transaction for the product
productIdintegerHelix-assigned unique ID for the product
NOTE: A given product's productId will be different in the sandbox and production environments.
typeenumPossible values:
- Prepaid
- Savings (RegD restrictions apply)
- Checking
- ForBenefitOf (A more restrictive checking account)
- Time Deposit