Customer Beneficiary

A customer beneficiary is a person who the customer specifies should receive the funds in the event of the customer's death.

customerBeneficiary Object

PropertyData type (length)Description
addressLine1string (100)
addressLine2string (100)
addressLine3string (100)
addressLine4string (100)
birthDatedatetimeDate the customer beneficiary was born. Example:
citystring (50)Address city
countrystring (50)Address country
createdDatedatetimeDate the customer was created. Note: a customer may have been created but not available for use, depending on the isLocked or status properties.
customerBeneficiaryIdintegerHelix-assigned unique ID for the customer beneficiary
customerIdintegerHelix-assigned unique ID for the customer to whom this
beneficiary belongs
distributionDescriptionstring (50)Free-form description of the distribution
documentsAcceptedDatestring (1)
emailAddressstring (256)Example: [email protected]
firstNamestring (50)First name of the beneficiary
isActivebooleanDenotes if this customer beneficiary is available for use.
isDocumentsAcceptedbooleanOnly required when creating a new customer. Confirms that customer viewed and accepted all documents returned via the /bankDocument/list route
lastModifiedDatedatetimeDate when the object was last altered in any way
lastNamestring (50)Last name of the beneficiary
legalName1string (100)Legal name (if beneficiary is not a person)
legalName2string (100)Legal name continued (if beneficiary is not a person)
middleNamestring (50)Middle name of the beneficiary
phoneNumberstring (15)
postalCodestring (9)Address postal code
statestring (2)2-character state code of address
suffixstring (20)A customer beneficiary' name suffix. Examples:
- Sr.
- Esq.
- Ph.D
tagstring (50)A client-assigned unique identifier to represent exactly one customer in Helix in production. Sandbox does allow duplicate tags for testing. Typically represents the unique user ID in your system
taxIdstring (50)Tax ID of the beneficiary
taxIdMaskedstringTax ID of the beneficiary with all but the last 4
characters masked