What is Helix?

Helix is a cloud-based real-time bank core that enables you to embed white labeled financial products into your existing applications and product offerings.

Primary responsibilities of Helix:

  • Be the System of Record for all information necessary to onboard and maintain customers, accounts, balances and related transactions
  • Provide all bank documents and disclosures required for regulatory purposes
  • Generate all statements (i.e., monthly, 1099-INT) required for regulatory purposes
  • Accrue and pay interest, if applicable
  • Provide a user interface for client and bank users to perform administrative functions against said data
  • Create all reports necessary for servicing said data
  • Export data in a timely fashion to allow the bank of record to do its own data processing, if needed
  • Minimize the risk of fraud, hacking and other nefarious practices

Primary responsibilities of code that uses Helix include:

  • Create an end-user UI that adheres to your banking partner's restrictions, if any
  • Maintain user login credentials for the UI
  • Communicate with end-users. Helix simply emits events which your code can use as a basis for notifications
  • Access Helix from middleware only. End user devices are not supported due to IP address whitelisting for security

How do I integrate with Helix?

  • REST API: Fetch, create, update and delete data in real time
  • SFTP files: Mass data exports or imports
  • Events Bus: Get real-time messages when events occur within Helix
  • Web Application: Administrative-level functionality

Where should I start?