Digital Wallet Token

A Digital Wallet Token is created when customer manually or through the action in an app, provisions a card into a Digital Wallet.

Digital Wallet Tokens are returned as part of the digitalWalletTokens array property on the card object. Multiple tokens from different wallets and devices can be associated to one card at any time.

Relevant events are triggered when a token is created: Digital Wallet Tokenization Events

digitalWalletToken Object

PropertyData Type (length)Description
device*objectdigitalWalletDevice object representing device information this token is provisioned on.
isDeviceProvisioned*booleanWhether or not a token has been provisioned onto a device.
panReferenceId*stringCard network-generated unique digital wallet token PAN reference ID. Unique within the card network.
token*stringThe unique card token representation on the device.
tokenReferenceId*stringCard network-generated unique digital wallet token reference ID unique within the card network.
tokenRequestorId*enumThe unique id representing a requestor on the card network. This property correlates with tokenRequestorName. Possible values:
- 40010030273: ApplePay
- 40010075001: GooglePay
- 40010043095: SamsungPay
- 40010075338: VisaCheckout
tokenRequestorName*enumName representation of tokenRequestorId. Possible values:
- ApplePay: 40010030273
- GooglePay: 40010075001
- SamsungPay: 40010043095
- VisaCheckout: 40010075338
tokenStatus*enumPossible values:
- ActiveForPayment: From this status tokenStatus can change to SuspendedTemporarily (for various potential fraud precaution reasons) or DeactivatedPermanently if user removes card from the wallet.
- Initiated: Token can be in this status when customer adds a PAN manually into the wallet and is in the process of validating a One Time Passcode that is sent through SMS. Once One Time Passcode is successfully entered then status will change to ActiveForPayment
- SuspendedTemporarily: From this status tokenStatus can change to ActiveForPayment (for "reverting" various potential fraud precaution reasons) or DeactivatedPermanently if user removes card from the wallet.
- DeactivatedPermanently: Once token is in this status it can not go back to any other status and is permanently unusable.
tokenType*enumType of wallet token. Possible values:
- Card on file
- Secure element.
- Cloud based payment/HCE
- E-Commerce Enabler
walletInformation*objectdigitalWalletInformation object representing wallet information this token is provisioned on.

digitalWalletDevice Object

PropertyData Type (length)Description
deviceId*stringDigital wallet device id. Returned if digital wallet is configured to be used with a device.
deviceIpAddress*stringDevice ip address at the time of token provisioning.
deviceLanguageCode*string3 letter code representing laguage device is configured to use.
deviceLocation*stringConditionally sent by the aquirer in the latitude/longitude format.
deviceName*stringDigital wallet provided device name.
deviceNumber*stringPhone number device is associated with. This may be returned as only last 4 digits of the phone number.
deviceType*enumDevice type digital wallet token is provisioned to. Possible values:
- Card
- MobilePhone
- Tablet
- Watch
- MobileDevice
- FashionAccessory
- HomeAppliance
- KeyFob
- MediaOrGamingDevice
- MobileDeviceAccessory
- PCOrLaptop
- Vehicle
- UnknownOther

digitalWalletInformation Object

PropertyData Type (length)Description
panSource*enum- KeyEntered: Manually added PAN to the wallet.
- OnFile: Recurring billing activity using a PAN provided to a merchant by a customer, e.g., Netfilix monthly recurring billing.
- MobileBankingApp: Push provisioned PAN from within an app.
walletAccountId*stringDigital wallet provider's unique card holder account id.
This field is present for Google Pay and Samsung Pay wallets.
walletEmailAddressHashed*stringDigital wallet provider's hashed email. This field is present for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay wallets.
walletProviderDeviceScore*stringDigital wallet provided device score.
walletProviderReasonCodes*stringDigital wallet provided provisioning decision reason codes.
walletProviderRiskAssessmentType*stringDigital wallet provider's risk assessment. Possible values:
- Approved
- ApprovedConditionally
- NotApproved
walletProviderRiskAssessmentVersion*stringDigital wallet provider's risk assessment version.

*Property is nullable and may not be returned