What is the Realtime Product?

A product that shares moments in realtime. The Realtime Product is an Opt-In service available to all Helix Platform clients that enables clients to be notified regarding key events.

Is the Realtime Product required?

It's up to you if the Realtime product is required in your business model. Some clients do not have a need for Realtime Processing. Some like to present toast notifications to their Customer when a transaction occurs regarding their accounts. The choice is yours.

Are there any known limitations?

Realtime Notifications provides reasonable assurances of delivery of messages; however, similar to the issues faced in other realtime networks (such as SMS) there are no guarantees of delivery. In critical business processing, it is recommended to perform reconciliation and failure for realtime events using the Event Notification File.

Can I get the events related to my Customers without going through realtime?

We provide an Event Notification File that provides the event data. The file is recommended for scenarios where critical business operations need to occur based on customer events. An example of this scenario is a billing model. Let us say that for every ten transactions on a Sub-Account your business model requires a fee to be assessed. We strongly encourage and in some scenarios require that no billing be derived off the realtime product, but that instead that billing be derived off the file.

What expertise and technologies are required?

The realtime product makes use of an AMQP transport protocol, the Azure Service Bus, and a Json payload structure. Familiarity with the Helix API, the previously listed technologies, and enterprise architectures are strongly recommended. Additionally, please refer to the design considerations page for more information that should be incorporated into your technical specification.

Do you have a box diagram of how this works at 60,000 feet?