Customer Relationship

A customer relationship object associates two separate customer objects.

customerRelationship Object

PropertyData Type (length)Description
beneficialOwnerPercentagedecimalThe percentage of the business owned by the related customer expressed as a number. For example: a 30.5% ownership would be 30.5
canOpenAccountsbooleanDenotes if the related customer permitted to open accounts for the primary customer.
externalAccountAccessTypeenumThe access relatedCustomerId has to primaryCustomerId's external accounts. Possible values:
- RDLY (Read-only)
isActivebooleanIndicates whether the customer relationship is active
isBeneficialOwnerbooleanIs the related customer a beneficial owner of the business listed as the primary customer
isControlPersonbooleanDoes the related customer have primary control of the business listed as the primary customer
isPrimaryContactbooleanIs the related customer a primary contact for the business listed as the primary customer
primaryCustomerIdintegerHelix-assigned unique ID for the primary customer
relatedCustomerIdintegerHelix-assigned unique ID for the customer who is related to the primary customer
relationshipTypeenumRelation to the customer

Valid values include:
- Signer
- Owner
- NonTransactional
- BeneficialOwner
- Trustee
- SuccessorTrustee
- Guardian
- Conservator
- Executor
- Agent
- PowerOfAttorney
- Custodian
- Administrator
- Fiduciary
titlestringTitle of the related customer