Account Limit

An Account Limit is a restriction on a helix account.

accountLimit Object

PropertyData Type (length)Description
accountIdintegerThe Helix-assigned unique ID for the account to which this stop pay is associated
isCreditbooleantrue if the limit applies to inbound transactions
isTemporaryOverridebooleantrue if the limit is temporary
limitEffectiveDatedatetimeDate and time the limit is effective
limitExpireDatedatetimeDate and time the limit will expire (if any)
limitIdintegerThe Helix-assigned unique ID for the account limit
maximumAmountdecimalThe amount of the limit. Could be dollar amount, transaction count, etc based on paymentType and periodType
paymentTypeenumThe type of money movement rail the limit applies to. Possible values:
- AchOdfi: ACH transfers originated via helix's /transfer/create endpoint
periodTypeenumPossible values:
- Transaction
- Day
- Month
velocityLimitTypeenumPossible values:
- Monetary