Interest Rate

Represents an interest rate for a product.

interestRate Object

PropertyData Type (length)Description
aprdecimalThe annual percentage rate of the interest rate
apydecimalThe annual percentage yield of the interest rate
descriptionstringThe description of the interest rate
effectiveDatedatetimeThe date this interest rate was last modified
expireDatedatetimeThe date the interest rate was altered to expire.
maximumAmountdecimalThe maximumAmount required for the interest rate
minimumAmountdecimalThe minimumAmount required for the interest rate
productIdintegerThe Helix-assigned unique ID of the product this interest rate is associated with
rateEffectiveDatedatetimeThe date the interest rate goes into effect
rateExpireDatedatetimeThe expire date for the interest rate
tierintegerThe tier of this interest rate on a product. Needed to support identifying which interest rate tier a customer account should be associated with