External Account Document

An External Account Document is a document uploaded by the customer to help prove they own an external account . Examples include an image (or pdf) of a bank statement or a driver's license. This object is only used in rare circumstances, e.g., a customer has reached the maximum number of allowed external accounts and they need to swap an existing external account for another one.

externalAccountDocument Object

PropertyData Type (length)Description
customerIdintegerThe Helix-assigned unique ID for the customer who uploaded the document.
documentContentstring (10MB)A base64-encoded representation of the actual content of the document.
NOTE: Applicable only when POSTing to the
/externalAccountDocument/upload route. This property will not be
returned by any route. Base64-encoding should be done using the
RFC 4648-compliant encoding (i.e. no embedded line breaks and
use = as the padding character). See RFC 4648 for more information.
documentNamestring (50)A caller-specified, user-friendly name for this document. Maximum
length is 50 characters. Must have one of the following extensions:
- .jpg
- .jpeg
- .gif
- .png
- .pdf
- .heic(please note that.heicfiles will be converted to.jpeg before we store them in helix)
documentTypeenumThe type of document. Possible values include:
- DriversLicense
- BankStatement
externalAccountIdintegerThe Helix-assigned unique ID for the external account to which this document is associated.
reasonTypeenumThe reason for uploading the document. Possible values include:
- NameChange
- AddressChange
- Unspecified