An address is a postal address for a specific customer. A customer can have up to 2 different types of addresses. If a customer has only one address, that is what is returned. Mailing address is only required if different from residential address.

address Object

PropertyData Type (length)Description
addressLine1string (100)Customer residential address line 1
addressLine2string (100)Customer residential address line 2
addressLine3string (100)Customer residential address line 3
addressLine4string (100)Customer residential address line 4
addressTypeenumType of customer address

Valid values include:
- Residence: A physical address is required; P.O. boxes are not accepted.
- Mailing: Required only if different from the Residence address.
- PrimaryBusiness*: Primary physical location for the business; P.O boxes are not accepted. Required for all business customers.
- Business*: Additional business location
- Registered*: Address where the business was registered
- TaxFormMailing*: Address where tax forms should be sent. Only required if different from primary address or mailing address

*Values are only used for business customers
citystring (50)Customer address city
countrystring (2)Must be US
isActivebooleanIndicates whether the customer address is currently active
postalCodestring (9)Customer address postal code
U.S. numbers only, without hyphen
statestring (2)Two-character code for U.S. state of customer address

Example: CA