Upload an external account document

Upload a document associated with a specific external account. See externalAccountDocument object definition for parameter details.

Error Codes

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CodeMessage (en-US)Notes
1-60000Any "Common Error Code" may occur.See Common Error Codes
62701Invalid Document Type. Valid values are: 'DriversLicense,' and 'BankStatement.'
62702Unsupported Media Type.
62703Document size exceeded. Maximum size is {0} MB.
62704Invalid Reason Type. Valid values are: 'NameChange,' 'AddressChange,' and 'Unspecified.'
62705{0}: documentContent property must follow RFC 4648-compliant encoding (e.g. no embedded line breaks and use '=' as its padding character).
62706Document must be no larger than {0} MB.
62707Invalid external account.
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