UsStockExchangeTradedEntityEntities traded on a U.S stock exchange (NYSE, American or NASDAQ)
CharityOrNonProfitEntityA charity or non-profit entity (requires a Control Person)
PublicAccountingFirmRegisteredUnderSection102A Public Accounting firm registered under section 102 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
UsStateRegulatedBankA Bank regulated by a U.S. state agency
UsRegulatedInsuranceCompanyAn Insurance company regulated by a state of the United States
UsRegulatedFinancialInstitutionA U.S regulated financial institution
UsFederalGovernmentAgencyAn agency of the U.S. Federal government
UsStateGovernmentAgencyAn agency of a U.S. State government
UsLocalGovernmentAgencyA U.S. local government agency
NonUsGovernmentAgencyA non-U.S. government agency engaged in government activities
BankHoldingCompanyA bank holding company
SavingsAndLoanHoldingCompanyA savings and loan holding company
FinancialMarketUtilityA financial market utility designated by the Financial Stability Oversight Council
NonUsEntityOpeningAPrivateBankingAccountA non-U.S. entity opening a private banking account subject to 31 CFR
ForeignFinancialInstitutionA foreign Financial Institution established in a jurisdiction where the regulator of such institution maintains Beneficial Ownership information
ClassOfSecuritiesIssuerAn issuer of a class of securities
SecCurrentRegisteredFirmAn SEC registered investment company, investment advisor, broker dealer or other registered firm with a current SEC registration number
CommodityFuturesTradingCommissionRegisteredEntityA Commodity Futures Trading Commission registered entity
ExcludedPooledInvestmentVehicleA pooled investment vehicle that is operated or advised by a financial institution that is exempt from Beneficial Ownership
NonExludedPooledInvestmentVehicleNon-excluded pooled investment vehicles—those not operated by or advised by a financial institution such as a non-US managed mutual fund, hedged fund or private equity fund (requires Control Person)
UsStockExchangeMajorityEquityEntityAn Entity, organized under the laws of the United States, with at least 51% of whose commons stock or analogous equity interest held by an entity traded on a U.S. Stock Exchange
UnincorporatedAssociationUnincorporated Associations (such as scout troops or youth sports leagues) (Unincorporated Associations are excluded and are not required to provide beneficial ownership and signature from a Natural Authorized Person