Check Return Codes

ANSF - Not sufficient funds
BUCF - Uncollected funds hold
CStop payment
DClosed account
EUTLA - Unable to locate account
FFrozen/blocked account. Account has restrictions placed on it by either customer or bank
GStale dated
HPost dated
IEndorsement missing
JEndorsement irregular
KSignature(s) missing
LSignature(s) irregular, suspected forgery
MNon-cash item (non negotiable)
NAltered/fictitious Item. Suspected counterfeit/counterfeit
OUnable to process (e.g. unable to process physical item/mutilated such that critical payment information is missing). This code shall not be used for unusable images or system problems (see administrative code ‘U’)
PItem exceeds stated max value
QNot authorized (Includes drafts) – unauthorized item such as a draft
RBranch/account sold (wrong bank) – divested account, not our item
SRefer to maker
TItem cannot be re-presented (exceeds number of allowable times the item can be presented)
UUnusable Image (image could not be used for required business purpose, e.g. gross image defects, illegible, etc.)
WCannot determine amount – amount cannot be verified
XRefer to image – return reason information is contained within the image of the item.
YDuplicate presentment (supporting documentation shall be readily available)
ZForgery – an affidavit shall be available upon request
3Warranty breach (includes rule 8 & 9 claims)
4RCC warranty breach (rule 8)
5Forged and counterfeit warranty breach (rule 9)
6Retired/ineligible routing number
7Reserved for future use by X9
8Reserved for future use by X9
9Reserved for future use by X9
0Reserved for future use by X9