Initiate an external account

Initiates a new external account with status=Unverified and starts the micro-deposit process. See externalAccount object definition for parameter details.


In the sandbox environment, if you have NACHA enabled, a "magic value" of 123456789 for the routingNumber property may be used for testing purposes. This will set the name to COREPRO SANDBOX BANK. Additionally, all trial deposit amounts in the Sandbox environment will be 0.18 and 0.28, and /externalAccount/verify can be called immediately. However, in production, a request to /externalAccount/verify must be sent at a later date to allow time for the ACH process to happen at the external bank.

Error Codes

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CodeMessage (en-US)Notes
1-60000Any "Common Error Code" may occur.See Common Error Codes
62008Tag {request.tag} is already associated with another external account.
62601Invalid Type: ''{request.type}''. Refer to API documentation for valid types.
62602An external bank account with nickname '{request.nickName}' already exists.
62604FirstName is a required field for account type {request.type}.
62605LastName is a required field for account type {request.type}.
62607Account number is a required field.
62609At most {0} external account(s) may be added.
62612Account number invalid, please refer to API documentation for valid characters
62613Account number must be no more than 17 digits in length.
69203Routing number is a required field.
69205Routing number lookup failed. {0}
69206Routing number {request.routingNumber} must be numeric.
69208Invalid routing number '{request.routingNumber}'.
62616BusinessName is a required field for account type {request.type}.
62617External Account creation is not enabled.
62618requestingCustomerId '{request.requestingCustomerId}' does not have permission to manage external accounts for customerId '{request.customerId}'
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