Set card risk factors

Initiate a cardholder base or override risk factor on a card for Stand Alone Fraud Management clients. The base and override risk factors must be defined in Risk Services Manager (RSM). An override risk factor requires the base risk factor, a start and end date.


Use of this endpoint requires approval from Q2 and your bank partner.

Error Codes

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CodeMessage (en-US)Notes
1-60000Any "Common Error Code" may occur.See Common Error Codes
159004Card not foundCardId passed cannot be found
193000Not EnabledUnable to use Risk Factors because it is disabled for your program.
193001Invalid Network Provider TypeVisa DPS only
193002Restricted Risk FactorVIP travel risk factors not eligible
193003Invalid Risk FactorInvalid risk factor length or not an alpha numeric value
193005Invalid Start DateStart date is before system date
193006Invalid Card StatusCard status is not in a valid status. Card status must be in a verified, reissued, digital active physical initiated or digital active physical pending.
193007Invalid DateStart date or end date is null, start date less than system date or start date is greater than end date
193008Risk Factor {baseRiskFactor} is already applied.Programs are restricted from setting the same risk factor within a 24-hour period.
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