Close an account

Close an account. If the account balance is greater than $0 or any interest is owed on the account those amounts are calculated and a transaction is implicitly created with the sum of those amounts being credited into the given closeToAccountId. That transaction's tag property is also assigned the value in the transactionTag property (if specified).

Error Codes

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CodeMessage (en-US)Notes
1-60000Any "Common Error Code" may occur.See Common Error Codes
61150RequestingCustomerId is a required fieldrequestingCustomerId is required when creating a business account
65296CloseReasonNotes must be provided if CloseReason is Other
65901Invalid account id '{0}'.
65902Invalid closing account id '{0}'.
65903Transaction with tag '{0}' already exists.
65904Closing account id '{0}' is deactivated.
65905Closing account id '{0}' is not yet verified.
65906Closing account id '{0}' is not open.
65907Account id '{0}' and close to account id '{1}' cannot be the same.
65908Cannot close an account with pending transactions or funds on hold.
65909Cannot close an account with a negative balance.
65910Account id '{0}' is not allowed to be closed.The isCloseable flag is set to false for this account, preventing the close from succeeding. To force a close, use the Helix Admin console to perform this functionality.
65911Invalid close to account id '{0}'.
65912CloseToAccountId {1} does not match Cash account configured for program '{0}'.
65914Account id '{0}' is already closed.
65916Customer id '{0}' has insufficient privileges to close account id '{1}'.
65917Customer id '{0}' has insufficient privileges to deposit funds into account id '{1}'.
65918Account id '{0}' is still associated with card id '{1}'. Call /card/removeAccount to disassociate, then retry your request.
65920Invalid NetAccountValue of {0}. Contact support.
65925If provided closeReason must be one of the following; Fraud, Never funded, BSA Reasons, Relationship Ended, Deceased, Other
65926CloseReasonNotes must be provided if CloseReason is Other
65927CloseReasonNotes maximum length is 255 characters
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