An error is an unexpected circumstance that occurs when using Helix. An error can occur for several reasons, a few of which include:

  • Configuration: Not subscribed to the requested functionality, invalid configuration values for a particular action, request from an untrusted IP address, etc.
  • Transient: Throttling of requests due to load, maintenance window in effect, connectivity issues between your server and Helix servers, etc.
  • Technical: Invalid url, malformed JSON body, etc.
  • Business: Missing value for a required property, value out of range, duplicate tag, etc.

error Object

Represents a single error. Each Helix API endpoint can return more than one error from a single call.

codeA value between 1 and 2147483647. This is the value that should be used to programmatically detect specific
errors and supply a custom message in your application. See Common Error Codes and Error Code Ranges
below for additional information.
messageA human-friendly textual description of the error that occurred. The text may differ depending on the customer's
culture, provided when the customer was created. The exact text may change at any time without notice.

Example API response containing an error

    "errors": [
            "code": 62001,
            "message": "Only one external account is allowed."
    "requestId": "54128665-e29d-4934-97fe-bc2912c146d8",
    "status": 400