Reissue a card

Reissue a card and send a new physical card to a customer (when applicable). When reissueReasonTypeCode=DMG, a new card number is NOT generated and a new physical card is sent to the customer. The status returned in the card object will remain the same. All other reissueReasonTypeCode values will generate a new card number. Depending on the previous card, this endpoint will return a card object with status=Verified for digital only, status=DigitalActivePhysicalPending for digital and physical, and status=PendingVerification for physical only.

Error Codes

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CodeMessage (en-US)Notes
1-60000Any "Common Error Code" may occur.See Common Error Codes
Any error codes associated with card locking.See /card/lock
Any error codes associated with card initiation.See /card/initiate
150504CardId {0} has been locked by the System and cannot be unlocked by a customer.
153001Invalid reissueReasonTypeCode '{0}'. Please refer to API documentation for valid types.
153002CardId {0} is not associated with CustomerId {1}.
153003CardId {0} status is {1}. Must be Verified, Expired, or PendingVerification.
153004CardId {0} is digital-only. Cannot reissue a digital-only card. For digital-only cards use /card/hotlist then /card/createDigital to issue a new digital-only card.
153005Physical card order option not available for issuance type.
153006CardId '{0}' status is '{1}' and cannot be reissued.
153007Digital card reissue option not available for reissueReasonTypeCode '{0}'.
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