Unlock an account

The following matrix details when this call will succeed or fail

Current lockTypeCodeCurrent lockReasonTypeCodeResult
CSTUNK - UnknownSuccess
CSTTMP - TemporarySuccess
CSTFRZ - FreezeSuccess
CSTADM - AdministrativeSuccess
CSTSUS - Suspected fraudSuccess
CSTCO - Credits onlySuccess
CSTRTN - Return riskSuccess
CSTREC - RecoverySuccess
CSTDED - DeceasedSuccess
CSTDOR - DormantSuccess
CSTFRD - Fraud investigationFail - Fraud investigation lock can not be unlocked by CST
SYSTMP, FRD, FRZ, ADM, SUS, COFail - SYS lock type cannot be unlocked by CST

The account will have a lockTypeCode of UNL upon successful completion of this call. The account is unlocked and ready for transfers to take place.

Error Codes

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CodeMessage (en-US)Notes
1-60000Any "Common Error Code" may occur.See Common Error Codes
61301Invalid AccountId {0} or CustomerId {1}.
61302AccountId {0} has been locked by an Administrator or an automated process. Cannot unlock.
61303AccountId {0} has been marked as fraud investigation. Cannot unlock.
61304Account Unlock feature is disabled for program {0}. Cannot unlock.
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