Error Code Ranges

Code RangeHTTP Status CodeMeaning
1-50000500"Hard" errors within Helix itself. Please report the error along with the requestId (a.k.a "Incident Id") to Helix support.
50001-50999401-505, see Common Error CodesA connectivity issue, software defect, malformed request, etc.
51000-57999500Reserved for future use.
58000-58999500Reserved for third party use. Will never be issued by Helix. May be useful when logging.
59000-59899400Helix has the functionality you requested, but it is misconfigured, disabled, or unavailable due to business contract limitations.
59900-59999400Invalid JSON payload. Could be an improperly structured body, an improper type passed for a given property, or any other JSON formatting problem.
60000-2147483647400Validation errors when processing a request. An example would be trying to transfer a negative amount of funds.