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Error Codes

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CodeMessage (en-US)Notes
1-60000Any "Common Error Code" may occur.See Common Error Codes
196000BusinessCustomerId is a required field
196001CustomerId is a required field
196002ControlPersonCustomerId is a required field
196003ControlPersonIsBeneficialOwner is a required field
196004IsExemptFromBeneficialOwnership is a required field
196005ExemptFromBeneficialOwnershipReasonType is a required field
196006RelationshipType is a required field
196007IsBeneficialOwner is a required field
196008CanOpenAccounts is a required field
196009Invalid relationshipType '{0}'. Refer to API documentation for valid types.
196010Invalid exemptFromBeneficialOwnershipReasonType '{0}'.Refer to API documentation for valid types.
196011ControlPersonRelationshipType is a required field
196012The sum of beneficalOwnerPercentage of related customers exceeds the limit of {0}
196013No additional related owner can be a beneficial owner when IsExemptFromBeneficialOwnership is {0}
196014BusinessCustomerId '{0}' does not exist within this program
196015BusinessCustomerId '{0}' is not a valid business customer"
196016ControlPersonCustomerId '{0}' does not exist within this program
196017ControlPersonCustomerId '{0}' is not a valid individual customer
196018Related CustomerId '{0}' does not exist within this program
196019Invalid controlPersonRelationshipType '{0}'. Refer to API documentation for valid types.
196020ControlPersonBeneficialOwnerPercentage '{0}' exceeds percentage limit of '{1}'
196021BeneficialOwnerPercentage '{0}' exceeds percentage limit of '{1}'
196022Customer relationship between businessCustomerId '{0}' and controlPersonCustomerId '{1}' already exists
196023Customer relationship between businessCustomerId '{0}' and customerId '{1}' already exists
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