Update a customer

See customer object definition for parameter details.


As a fraud prevention mechanism very few properties can be updated via API if your program uses Helix KYC/IDV. The following properties can only be updated if your program does NOT use Helix KYC/IDV: firstName, middleName, lastName, suffix, birthDate, emailAddress, taxId, driversLicenseNumber, driversLicenseState, driversLicenseIssueDate, driversLicenseExpireDate, passportNumber, passportCountry, passportIssueDate, passportExpireDate, addresses.

Error Codes

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CodeMessage (en-US)Notes
1-60000Any "Common Error Code" may occur.See Common Error Codes
60301Birth Date is invalid. Please enter a valid date after 01/01/1900.
60302Gender is invalid. Valid values are: 'M', 'F', and 'U'.
60303Tag '{0}' is already associated with a different customer.
60304Invalid email address
60306Your program settings do not allow for firstName or lastName to be updated via API.
60307Your program settings do not allow for emailAddress to be updated via API.
60308Your program settings do not allow for residence address to be updated via API.
60350Only three addresses are allowed -- one for each valid type of Residence, Mailing, or Prior.
60351Only three phones are allowed -- one for each valid type of Home, Mobile, or Office.
60450Updating any properties that are used during the ID Verification process is not allowed. These properties include firstName, middleName, lastName, birthDate, taxId, emailAddress, license information, passport information, and Residence address informationOnly applicable if your program uses Helix's KYC/Fraud/OFAC checks for customer verification
66801Invalid Phone Type. Valid values are: 'Home', 'Mobile', 'Office'.
66802Phone Number is a required field.
66901Invalid Address Type. Valid values are: Mailing, Residence, Prior.
66902Address Line 1 is a required field.
66903City is a required field.
66904State is a required field.
66905Postal Code is a required field.
66906Country is a required field.
66907Residential Addresses can not contain a PO Box.
66908DPS Clients Only: Address lines must not exceed 76 characters.
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